Victorinox Knives – A Need of Every Chef

Need for Victorinox knives? Every chef first needs a high-quality knife. No matter the type of restaurant, they make use of a wide variety of commercial knives and each chef requirement is different. But undoubtedly, all the chefs always require a set of excellent quality knives. Victorinox knives are the best that can suit every need that a chef has.

It is basically a company which is well-known for manufacturing strong and reliable knives. Since the success of their knives, then the company has diversified into household goods, travel luggage, watches, and outdoor clothing NZ. And all these items introduced by the company offers the high-quality from functionality to precision.

But their expertise is the premium quality knives. Let’s take a look at some of their popular and commonly used knives.


Victorinox carving knife:

This knife is made with sharpness. The sharpness is the most important factor in this knife. The blade of the knife is built in such a way that it allows to take hold of an edge so that the person who is holding it has a strong grip and control on it while using it to carve various types of meat.

Victorinox Boning knife:

It comes with a narrow blade and a sharp point. This is specially used by chefs and also commonly used in homes to remove small and large bones from meat, fish, and chicken. Additionally, while manufacturing these knives, hygiene is the most important factor that must keep in mind.

Victorinox paring knife:

It is handy, and it is best for small and delicate work. From peeling fruits and vegetables to cut small garnishes, this knife is the best suitable for such works. It can also be used for removing seeds from peppers. It is durable and can be utilized on a daily basis without the fear of wearing and tearing.

Victorinox cheese knife:

It has a uniquely built blade and a sharp edge. This knife is specially designed to slice through the cheese, and it makes it a breeze to slice the cheese.


Victorinox bread knife:

It is, without any doubt, a must-have item for any kitchen. This knife comes with a serrated edge blade, which is able to make the slice of the bread a breeze.

 These are the most commonly used Victorinox knives that are the must-have items for any commercial kitchen. Every chef needs these knife in their kitchen, and without it, they are like a mechanic without his tools.

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Tyler Chubb