Ultimate Road Trip Holiday Checklist

In such a beautiful country as Australia, it is a must to explore the natural and urban scenes with a road trip. Whether you’re doing a cross country trip from coast to coast or taking your time exploring your state’s own backyard – here’s the ultimate road trip packing list to guide you through the various essentials to keep your get away running smoothly. Whether you’re a cycling fanatic who forgets their Car bike Racks or a city slicker from Melbourne who poorly anticipated the rain, these are some essentials to keep in your car.

Car Essentials and accessories:

  • Your License and all that goes with it
    License, registration, a copy of your car insurance (just in case!), your car manual and spare tire.
  • Roadside Emergency Kit
    Think battery booster cables, torches, emergency poncho, high-vis vest, whistle, tire pressure gauge, window breaker, spare tire tools etc.

Entertainment while on the road:

  • Phone and charger
    An essential regardless.
  • Handsfree kit for your phone
    It is illegal/dangerous to use your mobile while driving. Play it safe and keep your focus on the road.
  • Bring your bikes and zoom around the board walks or bike trails throughout the country.
  • The greatest Road trip playlist
    Make it yourself or use a streaming service for a no-fuss good time
  • Favourite Camera and chargers
    Be sure to include a charging cable that can be used in the car. A USB cable usually does the trick.
  • A book or two
    Or three, or four..

Comfort kit packing list:

  • Sunglasses for the unpredictable glare and shine of the Gold Coast
  • Blankets for cosying up for your mid-afternoon nap or to use as a picnic blanket when you’re hankering for a sit down snack.
  • Car bike racks Melbourne has plenty of bike tracks to explore taking you from concrete jungle to grassy hillsides and beyond.
  • Mints
    Fresh breath – a great pick me up.
  • UV Window Shades
    For when you’ve got a long road ahead of you and the sun is shining through the one side of your car.
  • Hand sanitizer
    Because not everything will be clean and sanitary.
  • Travel pillow because comfy people are happy people.
  • Travel Mug and Reusable Water bottle
    Great for convenience, great for the environment and lowers the chance of unnecessary spillage.
  • A towel
    In case of unexpected downpour, or your motel doesn’t provide them or you spill your store bought coffee in the front seat – the potential for this item is uncapped.
  • Day Pack
    For the spontaneous walk/hike or local exploration.

The often forgotten miscellaneous:

  • Sunscreen
    An essential if driving around Australia where the sun is beating down on your through the glass all day. Avoid the look of truckers arm and the pain of a summer sunburn.
  • Body Wipes
    Keeping you fresh with the boxed shower.
  • Tarps
    For under the tent, over the tent, strung between the car and the tent. However you need it, the tarp will be.
  • Lip Balm
    Keep one in the glove box and one in your bag so you’re never without this little lifesaver
  • Toiletries, toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Rubbish bags
    It’s not rare to find parks that don’t supply bins, so keep a few in your car so you’re not leaving anything nasty behind.
  • Snacks
    Always a brilliant idea.
  • Tweezers/Swiss army knife
    Multi-tools like this are fantastic to have in almost all situations.

Hopefully you find yourself well prepared for anything the road brings your way – happy travels!

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