The Hotel Suppliers In Brisbane

hotel suppliers

The hotel suppliers provides stylish and modern amenities trays, sun care items, tissue boxes and a fun gift to keep your guests happy and satisfied. They offer unique odor products along with toiletries products available at room reception. Within the room are found the high quality and ideal Hair dryers. According to your accommodation needs the hair dryers are found in variety of sizes and features. These hair dryers focus primarily on power saving, safety and convenience. In order to save space they are installed onto the wall. The hotel suppliers offer range of electrical appliances which have been especially designed for the accommodation industry. Their professional and knowledgeable staff assists in problem solving, inspiring and educating.


The hotel supplies Brisbane provides high quality products with amazing services. They are the best solution for those hotels that require best equipments at lowest price. They consult, deliver, negotiate, purchase and install. Their vast experience enables them to properly guide the hotel managers and owners through the complicated procedures of importing and purchasing.

  • Planning

  1. Commencing Contact
  2. Consultation with Project Design
  3. Quotation

  • Purchasing

  1. Negotiations with vendors
  2. Purchase Order

  • Logistics

  1. Shipment coordination
  2. Freight Consolidation
  3. Shipping

The hotel supplies Brisbane focuses in giving you the best hospitality supplies for motel, hotel, apartment or vacation rental. They will supply you with everything from tea and coffee glass wares to toiletries. They provide environment friendly and highest quality materials including shampoos and soaps from South Pacific Soap Co and tea and coffee from One. It is because of this reason that many high end clients are attracted due to passion, sustainability and quality of hotel suppliers. These suppliers stand out from the crowd as they meet the budget of their clients and have got vast experience in serving many resorts, hotels and motels.

Minibar Trolleys

The hotel suppliers provide mini bar trolleys made of aluminum, steel, polypropylene and wood. They design special trolleys for restocking minibars. These trolleys have shelves with sliding drawers which can be delivered with roller shutters.

Candles & Lanterns

Candles have the ability to change the atmosphere making a terrace into fairyland or giving a theatre look to an interior space. The collection of elegant lamps and stylish candles are perfect to use at the hotel reception, restaurant, and hotel garden or guest bedrooms. To bring stylish look to your hotel interior our candles and lamps have been made durable and safe.