Encounter the Beauty of Unique Nature on Rodrigues

The island of Rodrigues is actually a must-see attraction with regard to any nature-lovers planning a new holiday in Mauritius. Located approximately 550 km from Mauritius, this volcanic island in the north-east of the hosts a number associated with truly unique animals, and it is worth the journey should you be staying in a Mauritius villa. The kitesurf Rodrigues is a thing to enjoy on this island.

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Why Visit Rodrigues

A visit to the beautiful place of Rodrigues will provide you with the possibility to observe one of the most endangered types in Mauritius in their natural habitats. There are about three vertebrates which are simply found in this distant location and when you think about the things to do in Rodrigues don’t forget them. They are the Rodrigues fruit bat, the Rodrigues fody, and the Rodrigues warbler. All these species could be found nowhere more in the world; therefore, a glimpse of both of the birds or perhaps the bats are most likely to be an exciting second for any budding David Attenboroughs.

The things to do in Rodrigues are so many. Make sure of which you take your camera and have a bare memory card, and a total battery as a picture of one of these kinds of special creatures would undoubtedly be a wonderful factor to take home. Thanks to the so many years of work simply by the Mauritian Wildlife Base, the populations of most about three of these outstanding beings have grown over typically the past decade, giving you the chance of spotting one of these.

But you will certainly see some exciting animals along with the kitesurf Rodrigues when you remain in a new villa in Mauritius, whether you visit Rodrigues or perhaps not. The island hosts a number associated with brightly colored birds obtainable nowhere else, including typically the echo parakeet and the particular pink pigeon, as properly as the Mauritius kestrel that has been once the least common bird on earth.

Although right now, there are lots of creatures to be able to be seen in the particular skies over Mauritius, an individual should also look out there for a few it’s native reptiles and also enjoy kitesurf Rodrigues. The ornate time gecko is among the more vibrant residents, with emerald environmentally friendly scales and red in addition to blue stripe that help to make it easily identifiable. In the meantime, a visit to the particular nature reserve on Circular Island could give an individual the chance to spot the particular Telfair skink.