Benefits Of Newcastle Motels Accommodation

The Newcastle Motels are best known for tourist attractions and they provide their tourists with best customer service. Sovereign Inn Newcastle is one of the best affordable motels for Tourists in Cowra. Families with limited expenses who love travelling are in constant search for motels which are safe, neat, beautiful yet cheap. If you are in a need of motel like this you should look no further than Sovereign Inn. They provide their services in different locations like Newcastle, Blue Mountains and many more. From family trips to business trips, Sovereign Inn caters all.

They have three different types of Queen Room: Budget Queen Room, Executive Queen Room and Standard Queen Room. A budget queen room is ideal for 2 people and it includes a queen sized bedroom. Also comes with these facilities: Refrigerator, Coffee and tea makers, Free Wifi, Flat Screen television, Dryers, bathroom, air conditioning, clean electric sheets, Radio and Clock. The standard Queen room entails the same facilities as mentioned in the budget queen room but is a little bigger. Executive queen room is the best choice for couples; it also provides with the same facilities but is good for couples. They also have rooms for more than two people; Twin Room, Family Room and a Self-Contained Unit. Their Twin room is best for 3 people. It also has all the same facilities but with two beds; one queen sized and one single bed. Their family room can contain up to 4 people. It includes one queen sized bed and also one set of single bunk beds. Executive queen room, Twin room and family room also contain a set of table and chair.

Their self contained unit can fit up to seven people in the room. It has three separate bedrooms. Room number 1 has one queen sized bed and a single bed, Room number 2 has one queen sized bed and Room number 3 has one single bed. It also has dining, kitchen and lounge area. Self contained unit is the best choice for big families and families with children.

Sovereign Inn motels are there to provide tourists with the facilities they need. Either families have to stay for a longer period of time or they just need to rest their heads while travelling. Sovereign Inn caters to all.